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Steve Price
Draper, UT
10:00 pm

Equipment Details:

Google Pixel 5 phone.

Post-processing Details:

Cropped, sharpened.

Image Details:

While taking our dog outside for a potty break, this Green Darner dragonfly flew up to the porch light. As soon as I opened the door it flew inside.
It took a minute or so for it to calm down and land on the dining room lamp globe which then gave me a chance to catch and release it back outside.

As you can see it was very calm, possibly from being tired after day of flying or maybe the night mode was on inside its little brain. Whatever allowed it to be calm also allowed me to take a few pics as I walked it to the back door. It flew away into the darkness for find its evening roost.

The Green Darner rarely lands during the day and I've never been able to capture a decent photo of this species. It's also one of the largest dragonflies with a wingspan up to 5 inches. This specimen has a wingspan of 9 cm or 3 and a half inches.