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kurtis markham
Alexandria, Virginia,US
01:00 am

Equipment Details:

William Optics 120mm FLT, IOPTRON GEM45EC, ASIAIRPLUS, ZWO6200 OSC.

Post-processing Details:

Pixnsight-Screen transfer function, Crop, Automatic background extract, denoise, stretch, starnet, curves, range selection mask, pixel math, Dark structure enhance, scnr.

Image Details:

The Omega Nebula, also known as the Swan Nebula, Checkmark Nebula, Lobster Nebula, and the Horseshoe Nebula (catalogued as Messier 17 or M17 or NGC 6618) is an H II region in the constellation Sagittarius. It was discovered by Philippe Loys de Chéseaux in 1745. Charles Messier catalogued it in 1764.
M17 has many names, for me it appears as if two Dragons going to war, to battle for Eternity like the Ying & Yang symbol. Keeping a balance in the universe.