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Paul Macklin
Bloomington, IN USA

Equipment Details:

AstroTech AT115EDT, 0.8x flattener, zwo ASI2600mc pro, no filter.
cem70, guided by zwo OAG and zwo asi120mm mini
capture / automation by zwo ASIAIR plus

Post-processing Details:

May 16, 2023: 100 x 180 seconds, gain 100, -10C
May 20, 2023: 120 x 180 seconds, gain 100, -10C
Each night stacked in astro pixel processor, and tided up in photoshop and Russell Crowman's NoiseXTerminator
Details at

Image Details:

This images captures the new supernova SN 2023ixf in Messier 101, just before and after its appearance, from an Indiana backyard.

On May 16, 2023, the supernova was not visible in a 5 hour integrated exposure. On May 20th, it was clear as a brilliant white star even in 3-minute exposures.

I tried to process and crop both "before" and "after" as similarly as possible. The left image is 5 hours of 3-min exposures. The right is 6 hours of 3-min exposures. Both nights without filter.