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Eliot Herman
Ah Chong Island, Montebello Islands Australia
11:31 am

Equipment Details:

Nikon Z7II, Nikon 400 mm + 1.4X teleconverter

Post-processing Details:


Image Details:

The 2023 total Solar eclipse had brilliant flare activity that resulted in white light capture of flare details that would normally be captured with the H-alpha telescope. This image is a stack of all 27 images available from the short 62.7 eclipse that yielded considerable detail of the flares and surprising resolution. The image was captured on Ah Chong Island in the Montebello group in Western Australia that was the site of the 1950s UK nuclear tests. This is a 59 acre inhabited island far from civilization and the only people present for observing was our small group of 15 observers and 4 staff of Coral Expeditions that provided the logistics. It was a great experience for all and for me, my best eclipse photos to date. Long trip back and access to my computer to assemble this image.