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David Hoskin
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
12:30 am

Equipment Details:

ZWO ASI533MC Pro camera with Optolong L-Pro filter, Celestron 150mm f/5 XLT reflector paired with a Baader coma corrector, 50mm guide scope with ASI290mm camera, SkyWatcher EQ6R Pro Mount.

Post-processing Details:

47 6-minute guided exposures plus calibration frames were stacked with DeepSkyStacker. Other post-processing used Siril and Photoshop.

Image Details:

SN 2023dbc (at the intersection of the white lines in the inset) is a fairly dim type II supernova in Messier 108, also known as the Surfboard Galaxy. Messier 108 is about 28 million light years from Earth. SN 2023dbc was discovered by the Zwicky Transient Facility on 13 March 2023. At the time of its discovery, the Supernova was magnitude 17.4 but dimmed to magnitude 19 by early April. SN 2023 dbc is red because of dust in Messier 108.