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David Cox
Deep River, Ontario, Canada
10:29 pm

Equipment Details:

Nikon D750, Sigma 14-24 mm @ 14mm, f2.8, 8 second exposure at ISO 3200

Post-processing Details:

Adobe Lightroom lens corrections, highlight reduction and exposure/contrast adjustments.

Image Details:

The sky was clear and the air was cold (-14C) and breezy, with illumination of a bright half-moon high in the west. The foreground is a snow-covered Pine Point Beach on the edge of the Ottawa River, nicely illuminated by the moonlight. I took a series of photos looking due north, over about three hours. Initially, a weak aurora glowed above the horizon, then it developed into this green and pink firestorm, before it dissipated into a flickering green glow. The aurora in this picture was bright enough for some of the green and pink coloration to be visible by eye, which was a special treat.