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Lorraine Boyd
Delmar, NY
04:11 pm

Equipment Details:

D500 with nikon 600 f/4 lens

Post-processing Details:

crop, try to remove some excessive bright light, enhance 2 pics, & create collage

Image Details:

Even though the images are hazy from excessive sunlight, I cropped in to display the unusual look of a White tailed Deer that walked onto a field with several others. The eyes are white with blue, normally would be brown. The face has splotches of white, along with the back of the ears being completely white. Even the nose is a touch shorter than normal. After researching, I found out that it is a piebald deer. A piebald deer is defined as having irregular patches of two colors as the result of unpigmented spots. The result is from recessive genetic traits. Finding it was quite a surprise, & I reported it to the NYS DEC.

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