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Tameem Altameemi
Shawkah- Ras Al Khaimah - United Arab Emirates
01:00 am

Equipment Details:

Main Scope: 
152mm David H. Levy Comet Hunter at Focal length 730mm
Guiding Scope: Svbony Mini Guider Scope 30mm/120mm F4

Mount: Skywatcher AZEQ-5 Pro Synscan Goto
Guide camera: ZWO ASI120mm
Main camera: ZWO ASI294MC -Pro cooled camera
ZWO EAF focuser: 5V EAF

Post-processing Details:

Stacking Programs:

Photoshop for watermark

Camera temp: 0°C
Gain: 120
Light: 70 x 180sec
Darks: 40
Bais: 100
Total: 3 hours 30 Minutes

Taken From Bortle 4/5
Humidity: 75%

Moon: 2.1% Waning Crescent

Image Details:

My Astrophotography

The Pelican Nebula (also known as IC 5070) is an H II region associated with the North America Nebula in the constellation Cygnus. The gaseous contortions of this emission nebula bear a resemblance to a pelican, giving rise to its name.

Distance: 1800 ly‎
Magnitude: 8
Constellation: Cygnus