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Jelieta Walinski Ph.D
Caballo Lake State Park, New Mexico, USA
06:40 pm

Equipment Details:

Telescope: Celestron Nexstar Evolution 9.25 235mm f/10 Schmidth Cassegrain Telescope

Mount: Sky Watcher EQ-6R PRO Computerized Equatorial Mount - S30300

Camera: ZWO - ASI2600MCPRO

Starizona Hyperstar 4 HS4-C925

ZWO AsiAir Pro Wifi Camera Controller

ZWO Standard Electronic Automatic Focuser EAF-5V

Optolong L-Pro 2” Multiband Pass Filter

Dew Heater Astrozap

Celestron Dew Shield

ZWO 30F4 Miniscope

ZWO Asi 462MC Planetary Camera

Samsung Cellular Phone

Sandisk usb drive 512gb

3 TB external Drive

Post-processing Details:

Images were downloaded in Bridge for filing, Stacked in Deep Sky Stacker, and processed in Photoshop

Image Details:

From Arizona we travelled east to New Mexico and we saw the Caballo Lake Stake Park. So we decided to stay for the night so I can practice more my telescope and mount.

They have great sky I think it has bortle scale of 3. So I to capture this breathtaking subject the Orion Nebula. In this capture I did have 800 light frames, 100 bias frames, 100 flat frames, and 100 dark frames this is my second image of this nebula using telescope.

So funny during the time when I was setting up my telescope because some people were asking me if I graduated astronomer. I told them honestly that I was a teacher who taught elementary Mathematics but I love to wander in the night and do things in the night. When I was a teacher, when I came home from work, I climbed up to the top of our roof and laid down and stargazed. I just love it so much and now this is a different feeling while seeing the image that I captured. I focused my whole winter of studying how to get my telescope working and studying the EQ mount. It was so challenging and I never thought that desert is so cold at night time. There was time that my body was shivering but i said to my self "No pain, no gain!"