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Armando Caussade
San Juan, Puerto Rico
07:23 pm

Equipment Details:

Budget digital camera held afocally before the eyepiece of a terrestrial 76-millimeter telescope at 22x.

Post-processing Details:

GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) on GNU/Linux: (1) conversion to grayscale; (2) levels correction to improve contrast; (3) rotation to put north at top; (4) crop; and (5) slight sharpening.

Image Details:

This photograph was taken at 7:23 pm (GMT-04), only 25 minutes before the predicted time for the full moon at 7:49 pm. Yet, the southern limb of the moon still shows a terminator from the fact that the moon was running 4.5 degrees north of the ecliptic, thus failing to place itself in precise opposition to the sun. The moon's elevation at the time was only 17 degrees over the eastern horizon.