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Jane T
Hong Kong
09:44 am

Equipment Details:

Canon PowerShot SX60 HS

Image Details:

The Pacific Reef Heron or Pacific Reef Egret (egretta sacra) is a dimorphic wading bird found across south-east Asia, south Asia and Oceania. The light morph is all white, and looks like a shorter, stockier version of the little egret (egretta garzetta). The more common dark morph, pictured here, is dark grey with sometimes a patch of white on its throat.

I previously knew little about this bird, and first impressions were that it’s not the most appealing creature. But then earlier this week, I came across one on a rocky shore on a beautiful, sunny day. Out of curiosity (and if I’m honest, simply seeking a handy subject to shoot), I spent some time observing and photographing it. Here, it’s in a hunting pose, its eyes keenly scanning the water for prey.

As I watched and then later reviewed my shots, I was shown moments of melancholy, beauty and magnificence that I hadn’t seen before in this bird. I was reminded of how a single individual, a single shot, can (sometimes unexpectedly) open hearts and minds.

Similarly, this Community Photos section has inspired me with a widened interest in and appreciation for the natural world. Thank you, EarthSky, its great team and its whole community!