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Mainak Chakraborty
Kolkata, India
07:30 pm

Equipment Details:

Equipments Used :
Redcat 51
iOptron Sky Guider Pro
QHY 294C Pro (-15 degree )
William Optics Uniguide 32 mm
Optolong L Enhance

Light Frames : 60x180"
Total Integration Time : 3 hrs
Dark Frames : 25
Flat Frames : 20
Bortle 4 Zone

Post-processing Details:

Software Used for Capture: Astroimaging ,
Stacking Done On : Affinity Astrophotography Suite,
Post Processing : Photoshop (Astronomy Action Sets, Astro Panel )

Image Details:

God’s Eye , or the Helix Nebula was my first target on a dedicated Astrocamera, The QHY 294C Pro. It's an outsatnding experience to use this camera with this Nebula. Everything worked like a charm. This Planetary Nebula lies 650 light-years away, in the constellation of Aquarius and known by the catalog number NGC 7293. The image is cropped to get little detailed view.