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Jose Lagos
Vaals, Netherlands
03:53 am

Equipment Details:

Olympus SP 565UZ, f/2.8, 15 sec. open shutter, ISO 3200

Post-processing Details:


Image Details:

Hunting for a nice photo of a Perseid meteor, I just kept hitting the button in 15 second increments, hoping that, despite the clouds, I would get lucky with the timing and capture something worth sharing. To tell the truth, I did not see the fireball happen with my own eyes, as I was looking all around, and it happened so fast. Luckily, the long exposure time of the shot made sure to capture one of the many beautiful fireballs, and even a few bolides that I was able to see with my own eyes from around 1 to 4 am. It was well worth the wait, and I recommend a little blind faith in your camera - just keep hitting the button and trust that, when you review all the shots later, it will indeed be your lucky day! Many thanks to all at Earth Sky for the wonderful platform and information that you provide for us all around the world. Your work is not in vain and much appreciated.