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Jose Zarcos Palma
Mina São Domingos , DarkSky Mertola , Portugal
11:00 pm

Equipment Details:

Sony A7RIII , Lens Laowa 15mm-f2 , ISO3200 , 15" exp , continuous shooting.

Post-processing Details:

5 Images of the meteors stacked and blended with the foreground using Photoshop

Image Details:

PERSEIDS are now everywhere in the night sky...
The chances to catch a higher number of meteor is shooting in the direction of the radiant of the meteor shower locate near the constellation of Perseus.
Nevertheless the meteors appear all over the sky and in this pre-peak night the challenge was to catch few fireballs near the Milk way , in the opposite direction of the radiant.
Here they are , after 733 shots I manage to catch 5 fireballs displayed as they appear in the sky with no geometric correction..
What a night..