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05:00 am

Equipment Details:

Dates: December 15, 2018, until April 26, 2020
16" Newtonian f/4.5 & Celestron HD 11" with ZWO 290MC - ES 3x - IR685nm/ UV-IR cut filter.
Daystar quark with Esprit 80ED APO - ZWO1600MM Pro for the sun captured on December 06, 2020

Post-processing Details:

Stacked all the videos in Autostakkert and sharpened it in Registax then finally created the collage with the hydrogen alpha sun in the middle in photoshop

Image Details:

Phases of Venus (2018-2020)
Venus is the second planet from the Sun and the third brightest object in Earth's sky after the Sun and Moon. The surface of Venus is hidden by an opaque layer of clouds that are formed from sulphuric acid which makes it looks featureless through telescopic observation. The orbit of Venus is 224.7 Earth days, the phases of Venus result from the planet's orbit around the Sun inside the Earth's orbit giving the telescopic observer a sequence of progressive lighting similar in appearance to the Moon's phases. Entire phenomena can be observed in this image starting from left to right, its apparent size, and its phase changes over the course of time. This image is a composite captured over 500 days at an interval of 1-month starting from the end of 2018 till mid-2020.