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Rupesh Sangoi
Mumbai, India
03:33 am

Equipment Details:

Celestron Edge HD8 Telescope, ZWO 183MC Pro Camera, 2x barlow

Post-processing Details:

Processed in Autostakkert 3 and Registax 6.

Image Details:

Jupiter giving a wow expression 😮

A rare double moon transit on Jupiter taken on 29th May 2021. Moons Ganymede and Io can be seen. Whenever Jupiter's moon comes in between the Sun and Jupiter's surface it casts a shadow on Jupiter. This is a Solar eclipse happening for that position on Jupiter's surface. Jupiter being large with many prominent moons, this phenomenon happens quite often. Very rarely comes an event when there are 2 moon shadows being casted at the same time on Jupiter. This is actually 2 Solar eclipses happening on Jupiter's surface simultaneously. Also in this case the GRS fits in between the 2 shadows giving it to look like a face.