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Filipp Romanov
Yuzhno-Morskoy (near Nakhodka), Russia
02:49 pm

Equipment Details:

Canon EOS 60D, 18mm lens, on the tripod. For each photo: ISO-2000, exposure 30 seconds, f/3.5.

Image Details:

On the night of January 3-4, 2021, I observed the Quadrantid meteor shower in my small homeland. From 13:21 to 14:22 UT (Jan 3), I did not see a single meteor, but from 14:22 to 15:29 UT, the activity increased rapidly: during this time I saw 9 meteors of this shower in a clear sky illuminated only by the Moon. There are three bright meteors in the camera frame: from 14:29 to 15:09 UT, I combined these three photos into one.