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Marcella Giulia Pace
Modica, Sicily, ITA
08:00 pm

Equipment Details:

Young Moon: Nikon D7100, 600mm, f/6.3;1/25 sec.
Day: August 19, 2020 at 8:00 pm
Moon Set: 8:24 pm.
Sunset: 7:46 pm.
Location: Modica Countryside, Sicily - Ita

Old Moon: Nikon Coolpix P1000; 270mm; f/6,3; 1/15 sec.
Day: August 18, 2020
Moon rise: 5:17 am
Sunrise: 6:20 am
Location: Modica Countryside, Sicily - Ita

Post-processing Details:

I Used Photoshop: contrast, saturation and Crop

Image Details:

Yesterday I took a photo of the thin waxing crescent moon, just 15 hours old. I was waiting for so long to try this shoot. All the favorable conditions were there:

- The moon was about 7 degrees from the sun.

- The moon was close to perigee, it's closest point to Earth (it would have reached it on August 21).

- Good visibility on the horizon.

I tried to shoot without using computer tools to point at the moon so I only used the camera mounted on a normal tripod. I didn't see the moon with the unaided eye, but I knew the moon would have passed in front of my lens at 8 o'clock (from my position). And so it was: processing the image I managed to get the very thin sickle.

On the August 18, at dawn, I also took the thin waning crescent moon 20 minutes before sunrise.