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John Nelson
Vantage, Washington USA
11:17 pm

Equipment Details:

Nikon D850, Tamron 24-70mm (at 24mm) f/2.8 lens, static gimbal head tripod.
Image: 25 second exposure, f/2.8, ISO-5000

Post-processing Details:

Processed in lightroom and photoshop elements.

Image Details:

A little over 2 hours after sunset from a rocky overlook above the Columbia River. Comet Neowise with gas and dust tails showing off in the northwest skies above lake Wanapum, part of the Columbia River in central Washington. Above the comet you can see most of the Big Dipper except for Alkaid, the last star in the Dipper's handle. Just to the right of the Big Dipper, a meteor entered our atmosphere leaving a telltale streak. The light dotted line to the right of the comet is an airplane.

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