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Jose Lagos
Vaals, Netherlands
12:00 am

Equipment Details:

olympus sp-565uz, in Manual Mode, with 15 sec open shutter, fstop 4.1, ISO 1600, 18 mm focal length.

Post-processing Details:

The comet was very faint against light clouds, so I used a photoeditor to decrease overall brightness, decrease middle tones, saturate color slightly, in order to better define the comet's head and long tail.

Image Details:

I never actually saw the comet directly with my eyes, because of the light pollution in this area. Even after midnight, at 51 deg N. Latitude, there remains a twilight throughout most of the night until 3 am, when the dawn begins to approach. I could see the long tail indirectly out of the side of my eye, but whenever I directly focused a camera or telescope lense on it, I couldn't see anything distinct enough to be sure or prove that it was the comet. Finally I figured that a long exposure was the only way to actually make it show itself. It did work, but I'm sure that with a higher ISO and longer exposure time, it could have looked even better, if my camera were so capable. I look forward to your photos, in better conditions, with better equipment.