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08:57 am

Equipment Details:

ASI120MM on 200/900 Newtonian working at 2100mm

Image Details:

I had a window of a few hours to shoot Venus at 57.5 arcseconds diameter an 0.4% illumination after a couple of rainy days. Unfortunately the seeing was not great but mediated by the IR pass 742nm filter, also too windy for my rolling camera shutter. Out of 10000 frames i ended up using 10%. At less than 5 degrees from the Sun and with half the mirror of my newtonian lit by our big ball of plasma, it was an incredible sight.
In a 10mm Delos eyepiece @ 90x, the blue velvet sky and the bright thin crescent looked like something out of Kubriks's 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Shot on 31 05 2020 @ 0857UT
ASI120MM on 200/900 Newtonian working at 2100mm