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Andrew Dare
Cusco, Peru
03:34 pm

Equipment Details:

Celestron Powerseeker 50AZ
A basic Telescope borrowed from neighbour that he has for his kids (Thanks Fernando !)

Olympus TG-4
Many photos were then taken with a basic & compact camera on macro mode through the eyepiece, before I got a sharp image. It was Very hard to get the alignment correct & it in focus.

Post-processing Details:

Adjusted levels & contrast, & saved as HiRes & LoRes Jpeg

Image Details:

Venus has been shining so bright, and with all of Peru on lockdown, there is no traffic, so the air of Cusco city is the clearest it has ever been. Also being at 3,400m (11,155 Feet) the atmosphere is much clearer up here too.
I have been watching Venus move across the sky in the evening, but with the extra clean air, had been able to see the planet in the day time with the naked eye - quite easily too, when you know where to look !
I was keen to take a picture of it, so I borrowed the neighbours basic telescope, but still had no attachments, so I tried the "telescope mode" on a compact camera & found I could, with great difficulty" focus on the planet through the eyepiece.
Its especially satisfying to see the crescent shape of another planet in the daytime too.