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Dr Ski
Valencia Observatory Garden, Philippines
06:30 pm

Equipment Details:

Canon EOS M100, 90mm Mak-Cass
Prime focus at 40x, 100x

Image Details:

10 hours before First Quarter and the Lunar "V" and Lunar "X" are well defined.
The Moon is at it's maximum libration in longitude of -8°. Note how close the Sea of Crises is to the Moon's limb.
If the Moon were at 0° libration, the Lunar V and X would be hidden in darkness!
When the Moon reaches First Quarter in the Western Hemisphere, the Lunar V and X will be visible, but not this well defined!
It's nice to know the exact distance and phase of the Moon, but the libration tells you how much of the Lunar surface you can actually see! Everyone loves to image the Moon. Learn how to SEE it.