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William Mathe
Lindon Colorado
08:58 pm

Equipment Details:

Canon EOS Ra (first use!)
Sigma 14mm f/1.8 (used many times!)

Post-processing Details:

Photoshop to improve contrast and details--removed two aircraft

Image Details:

I was excited to pick up the new Canon EOS Ra which was just released to the general public the day before (12/19/2019) and with clear cool skies forecast for Colorado, my wife and I made a 100 mile jaunt out into the eastern plains to try and capture one or more meteors from the Ursids meteor shower...we went to a dark sky location that I had only "scouted" via Google Earth...this image was taken facing due north as you can see just to the right of the little white church is Ursa Major pointing up to Polaris...and just to the left is a green "fireball" meteor that lit up the sky for a second or two and I was lucky that it stayed in frame. I believe this to be an Ursids meteor as the direction was from the north, but tracing the line through the meteors path seems to take it above Polaris so I'm not 100% sure. As luck would have it, in the 1.5 hours we were out there (835pm thru 10:05pm), this meteor at 8:58pm was the only meteor that I was able to catch in any of the images taken. My IG is @photographybywam as I currently do not have an active website.