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Dr Ski
Valencia Observatory Garden
11:00 am

Equipment Details:

Canon EOS M10
19mm, f16
1/1250s, ISO100

Image Details:

The Sun can create some dramatic images. But all of posts I see here that promote unsafe solar viewing and imaging are very disturbing! And they are not very compelling!
Rather than use this space to write a short story, give my autobiography, recite passages from WikiP or wax poetic, I will give you some guidelines.
1) Always have something handy to block the Sun (like your hand!) when looking for solar phenomena or trying to compose a shot.
2) Never aim your camera at the Sun without something to block the solar disc.
3) Never use your electronic viewfinder if you have one!
4) Telephoto lenses are a bad idea; they magnify the Sun's intensity.
5) Use your slowest aperture (e.g. f16) and slowest ISO (e. g. ISO100). Even at those slow conditions, the shutter speed will be fast enough to preclude the use a tripod! (although a tripod helps in fine-tuning your composition)
Always block the Sun's disc! Then you won't get those annoying lens flares that might be mistaken for Neptune.
In the above image, I moved the camera a bit to expose just a small portion of the sun's limb to get those cool diffraction spikes (caused by the small aperture blades).
Have fun in the Sun, but do it safely!
Or not. It's your eyes!