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Can a human singing voice shatter glass?

Not just any loud sound will shatter a glass. It has to be the right resonant frequency.

Video shows how hummingbirds sing with their tail feathers

Watching hummingbirds in a slow motion video has turned up new insights into their behavior - like how males use their tail feathers to "sing" to females.

Jumping spiders zoom in with green light

Jumping spiders have eyes with special receptors for green light in their multi-layered retina, according to a new study.

Mask-bot: a robot with a human face

Researchers create a robot face -- Mask-bot -- animated by the beam of an internal projector.

Solar wind sandblasts Mercury

Solar wind sandblasts Mercury because its weak magnetic field provides little protection from the fierce solar wind, a squall of charged particles from the sun.

Parrots and crows solve same puzzle in their own way

Study shows how two highly intelligent bird species, parrots and crows, use native talents to inform their decisions. Read more about these smart birds.

Giant black holes and their eating habits

Astrophysicists have scrutinized X-rays from accretion disks surrounding eight black holes and confirmed differences between black hole observation and theory.

Falling ash from Puyehue-Cordón Caulle volcano

The Chilean volcanic eruption on Saturday, June 4, 2011 reached six miles up into the sky and sent a plume of ash toward Argentina. Read more about falling ash.

Photo ambassadors for ESO observatories

The European Southern Observatory designated six Photo Ambassadors, who share their dazzling view with the world from their observatories.

Earth as seen from space 500 million years ago

An animation from the Planetary Habitability Laboratory shows Earth during the Cambrian Period, when land masses clustered in the southern hemisphere.

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