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The world’s smallest autofocus lens

To save energy, researchers have designed the world's smallest autofocus lens. It's curved, much like the lens of the human eye.

The healthiest diet, according to your genes

The genes have spoken: your dinner plate should be divided into three, and you should eat six times a day. Tips here for the healthiest diet.

A greenhouse for growing bones

Norwegian researchers are working on a method of growing bones from tiny beads derived from seaweed. Read more on a greenhouse for growing bones.

Fighting oil spills with air bubbles

Curtains of air-bubbles are turning out to be a new method of fighting oil spills.

Moose crossing alert in your car

Norwegian researchers are developing a system that can warn of moose - and traffic jams - in the roadway ahead. Read more about a moose crossing alert.

Recycling old boats now happening in Norway

In Norway, nearly 5,000 recreational boats are retired and disposed of every year. Now, researchers have developed a new method for recycling old boats.

Forklift trucks that run on a green charge

The first forklift trucks in Europe that will run on fuel cells and with hydrogen in their tanks are on the way to the market.

Norwegian scientists fabricating radiation sensors for CERN particle collider

These 3D radiation sensors will be needed when the CERN 30-km particle ring in Switzerland is upgraded to run at higher energies in 2017.

Gene technologists: Today’s ingenious, controversial designers

Synthetic biology has arrived. At a stroke, gene technologists have become the world's most significant and controversial designers.

A new vessel for the Arctic

A new kind of vessel is specially designed to tolerate the tough, frigid conditions in the Arctic to allow the repair and maintenance of sub sea installations.

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