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Life on recycled water: The 80 percent solution

We can limit freshwater use by using mostly recycled water. Read more about how to make our precious resource last longer here.

The pain paradox and current research

Researchers are looking for differences in the brain between people with chronic illnesses and pain and those who are healthy. Read more.

Wireless technology replaces ship cable

Production plants, ships and platforms are getting wireless technology that will replace kilometers of cable. Read more about it here.

How cell membranes shape our life

Photosynthesis depends on cell membranes, and human beings can't hear without a membrane: the eardrum. Is another membrane needed to rescue us from climate catastrophe?

Despite similar genes, we’re different from chimps

Chimps and humans have similar genes. Genetically, we're 97% identical. So why are we so different? The answer has to do with how our genes work and interact.

How much soot is in car exhaust?

Measuring soot when actually on the road has been a major challenge,, but scientists can now measure the soot content of a car's exhaust while it's on the road.

Magno cells in your eyes might cause trouble with math

Troubles with handwriting, math, and motor skills? The explanation for your difficulties may be in the workings of the magno cells in your eyes.

The ocean’s own environmental sensor

Tiny copepod crustaceans have a major role to play when the effects of oil-spills are being calculated and acts as the ocean's environmental sensor.

Instant diagnoses via lab-on-a-chip

Soon, your family doctor will no longer have to send blood or cancer cell samples to the laboratory. A little chip will give her an Instant diagnoses.

Wrasse to fight salmon lice

Researchers use a biological weapon to fight salmon lice. One of the methods being discussed is the use of a small fish, the wrasse.