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New elastic materials for renewable wave energy

New elastic materials that can generate electricity may help make wave power cheaper to develop. Read more about the fabric here.

Energy underfoot: Bringing up heat from inside Earth

There is a solution for the world's insatiable energy needs. It is CO2-free and safe. And it’s located right under our feet. Read more about energy underfoot.

Rescue services in EU to use social media

A project in the EU aims to revolutionize the way we handle major crises by exploiting social media and plans to use it for rescue services.

Nanoparticles in nature: Toxic or harmless?

A Norwegian scientist is trying to discover how nanoparticles might behave in nature. It is not worth taking chances with nature.

When nanotubes are dangerous

Nanotubes can be as carcinogenic as asbestos – but identifying the bad actors is challenging. A big limitation right now to their use is they are expensive.

An intelligent earplug

Why are these men smiling? Because they've invented an intelligent earplug that is the best of its type in the world. Read more about it here.

Inside a moth’s brain

Inside a moth's brain: Did you know a moth's brain is smaller than a pinhead? But there's a lot going on inside. Read more about it here.

New driving aid helps keep your car on the road

WayPilot, developed by Norwegian researchers, helps keep your car in the driving lane. Read more here about this new driving aid.

DNA linked to pre-eclampsia during pregnancy

What causes pre-eclampsia during pregnancy? The answer lies in the mother’s DNA ... and perhaps the father’s. Read more about the research here.

Warfare on weeds in new Norwegian system

In a new warfare on weeds, weed-killer consumption could be cut in half if farmers sprayed it only on weed-infested areas.