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Daniel Tennant

Experiment shows pigeons perceive a magnetic signal

Birds have long been suspected of using Earth's magnetic field to navigate. A new experiment demonstrates that pigeons do process a magnetic signal.

What causes paper to yellow as it ages?

Researchers sampled manuscripts from 15th century France and Italy to learn what molecular structures arise in paper as it ages.

Most sea level rise due to melting polar ice, study confirms

Researchers report that Earth's polar regions are losing 502 billion tons of water annually out of the total amount 536 billion tons lost annually worldwide.

Advances in understanding how insects fly

Air travel today mimics the flight of birds. Understanding the flight of winged insects could change the way we move from place to place.

Kepler satellite and planets of double stars

Thanks to the Kepler satellite, we now know of three planets orbiting in double star systems.

Scientists look to sunflowers for solar panel design

Researchers from MIT and Germany have proposed a way to make concentrated solar power arrays more feasible, based on surprising clues left by Nature herself.

Sting operation leads to arrests in illegal stem cell scheme

Arrests in a $1.5 million scheme to sell stem cell treatments to terminal patients marks a step in the emergence of the controversial stem cell therapies market.