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Wael Omar
Great Cairo, EGYPT

Equipment Details:

Camera : Canon 200 D
canon 18-55 lens
Redcat 51

Post-processing Details:

Alignment and blending of images on photoshop .

Image Details:

What a journey !
"The Lunar Analemma"
This is the first time that this phenomenon is imaged in EGYPT. The sequence of images was taken from 22 April to 17 May,2023. The idea of the image is that the moon return to its same position in the sky about 50 minutes and 29 seconds later each day so I took an image for the moon 50 minutes and 29 seconds later on successive days over almost a lunar month from the same place every day. Due to the tilted elliptical orbit of the moon this will result in a figure of "8" or infinity sign.The journey of this image was really challenging and exhausting, on top of that the sleepless nights I went through to stay awake waiting for the scheduled time to take the image of the moon. There were also some cloudy nights and i was a little lucky to see the moon through it when the time of the shoot came. I used Canon 200 D camera with 18 mm lens to shoot the images from the same location and i could see the moon in the images easily but on the last week, the time of the images were on day time , that's why you will see the moon images on these days a little blue ,they were so faint but i could see them when i zoom deeply on the images , of course the details were absent so I come up with an idea to use my GOTO mount to point to the location of the moon as of course it would be impossible to see it by naked eye then I took an image of it with the help of my Redcat 51 scope then I put it on the same location of the moon on the 18 mm lens image.
Equipment used:
Camera: Canon 200 D. Lens: canon 18-55 lens - Redcat 51.
To know location of the moon each day, all images were taken from same fixed place by 18 mm lens @ F5.7 ,different exposure time and iso values according to moon phase. For details of the moon, images were taken @55mm and for images that were taken during day time, I use the Redcat 51 @ 250 mm with the GOTO mount. Foreground image: ISO 100, 30 seconds, F 11.
I make some rotation for the whole Analemma to suit the foreground.
I took a vacation from work on the last 2 weeks to be ready for the moon images as they were after midnight and during day time. I exert too much efforts to image the foreground as I climb up a 50 meters high building to have a clear view of the pyramids and blend this view with the total analemma I imaged.
Location: Great Cairo, EGYPT. Credit: Wael Omar WO /