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Mandy Daniels
Derbyshire, UK
11:32 pm

Equipment Details:

Nikon D800, 600 mm lens

Post-processing Details:

Autostakkert: Stack sets of images for each Moon image
GIMP: Desaturate with Mono mixer, adjust curves, sharpen, import Moon images into single frame.

Image Details:

The Moon images were acquired over a nine month period, starting with the July 2022 Supermoon and concluding with the typical full Moon in April 2023. The times are all shown as UTC to remove offsets caused by daylight savings time. The Earth-Moon distance for each shot was calculated by entering the location, time and date for each image into Stellarium which gives a 29 251 km difference between the Supermoon and typical Moon, then a further 17 991 km for the Micromoon.

The libration is particularly noticeable between the Supermoon and Micromoon, but is still obvious when comparing either with the typical Moon. A comparison of the three images will clearly show that libration occurs, not just east-west, but also north-south.