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Meiying Lee
Taipei, Taiwan
08:17 pm

Equipment Details:

Canon EOS 600D + SIGMA 60-600mm F4.5-6.3 S DG OS HSM Sports

Post-processing Details:

Use PowerPoint to crop and align the three moon photos

Image Details:

This photo compares a waxing crescent moon, a full moon and a waning crescent moon. We can use the lunar surface features for comparison, and we will find that the lunar mare and the crater have different features under the reflection of the sun's rays at different angles. What's more special is that in this comparison chart, it is easy to find that we can observe more than 50% of the moon's surface instead of just the front side of the moon. This is precisely because of the relationship between Lunar Libration!
The three photos were taken at 14.2% illuminated on September 10th, 99.5% illuminated on September 21st, and 15.1% illuminated on October 3rd.