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Dolphins use specific whistles as names

African bottlenose dolphins join the list of dolphins known to use signature whistles to address each other – similar to how humans use names.

Neanderthals bred with modern humans, study confirms

Advanced genetic analysis and statistical modeling have confirmed that early humans mated with Neanderthals.

New ozone-depleting chemicals discovered in the atmosphere

Scientists have found four new gases that harm Earth's ozone layer, despite bans.

Hummingbird memory

New research suggests the tiny birds may have what might be called an episodic memory – a trait previously thought unique to humans.

Lowest temperature for life discovered

Scientists have pinpointed the lowest temperature at which simple life can live and grow.

Pollution slows coral reef growth

Fine particles produced by burning fossil fuels are slowing coral reef growth, say scientists.

Bee brain study reveals pesticide effect

The brain function of important pollinators can be affected by pesticides even at low concentrations, say scientists.

Camels once lived in the high arctic

A new way of identifying fossils has enabled scientists to show ancient camels roamed the high Arctic Circle.

Plastic fragments found in fish

Scientists have found tiny fragments of plastic in the digestive systems of fish pulled from the English Channel.

Top conservation issues to look out for in 2013

A team of researchers has identified 15 issues that could affect the diversity of life on Earth in 2013.