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Lindsay Patterson

Cats – and other animals – in zero gravity

This vintage U.S. Air Force video shows cats floating in zero gravity. This video appears to be going viral today ...

Play new NASA game: Extreme Planet Makeover

You can build your own planet, but will it support life?

Foxes use Earth’s magnetic field to jump on prey

Foxes are the first animals thought to use Earth's magnetic field to judge distance, not just direction.

Google launches the first global online science fair

Google Science Fair gives budding scientists ages 13 - 18 the chance to show their work on an international and virtual stage.

Darryl Granger on the world’s biggest cave passage in Vietnam

Vietnam's Hang Son Doong cave has underground spaces large enough to hold a city block of skyscrapers.

Photographer documents the world’s oldest living things

Rachel Sussman travels the world to photograph the world's oldest living things - organisms that have lived on Earth for over 2,000 years.

Extinct Jamaican bird used club-like wings to batter enemies

Xenicibis xympithecus - a large, flightless, now-extinct ibis or wading bird - used its wings like a club to bludgeon rivals or predators, according to scientists.

Leaf-cutter ants switch jobs when their tools wear down

A life of cutting apart leaves wears down the leaf-cutter ant's razor sharp mandibles, and that's when they decide to switch jobs.

EarthSky blogging partners nominated for European Excellence Awards 2010 features science news posts from GEMINI, a nominee for the European Excellence Awards 2010.

French researchers match mummified head to murdered monarch Henri IV

Scientists used forensic tests to identify the mummified head as belonging to Henri IV, one of France's most beloved monarchs, who was assassinated in 1610.