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Lia De La Cruz

The Nauka module mishap that sent ISS tumbling

After docking with the ISS on July 29, Russia's new Nauka module accidentally fired its thrusters, sending the space station into a spin.

A 1967 solar storm nearly caused a nuclear war

The U.S. Air Force began preparing for war on May 23, 1967, thinking that the Soviet Union had jammed a set of American surveillance radars. But instead the powerful 1967 solar storm was to blame.

Jupiter X-ray aurora mystery solved, after 40 years

A Jupiter X-ray aurora mystery has perplexed astronomers for decades. Now they think ions responsible for the X-rays "surf" electromagnetic waves into Jupiter's atmosphere.

Boeing Starliner OFT-2 mission scrubbed indefinitely

Boeing's Starliner launch to the International Space Station on August 3, 2021 has been canceled and scrubbed indefinitely. Updates to come.

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin flight soars to the edge of space

Private spaceflight company Blue Origin has successfully launched its New Shepard rocket, with the company's founder, Jeff Bezos, aboard.

Hubble Space Telescope returns to normal operations

The Hubble Space Telescope is now back online after having been in a protective safe mode due to a degrading computer memory module since June 13, 2021.

SpaceX’s Elon Musk to visit space … with Virgin Galactic?

As Virgin Galactic’s Richard Branson and Blue Origin’s Jeff Bezos race into space, a third billionaire pursues space tourism: Elon Musk. He’s reserved a seat to fly with Virgin Galactic.

How to spot ISS in your sky

The International Space Station has been orbiting our planet since 1998. Click here to learn how to spot ISS in your sky.

The billionaire space race and the Karman line

The billionaire space race ramped up at Richard Branson's successful flight to the edge of space on July 11, 2021, as 2 spaceflight companies jostled for bragging rights.

DNA origami used to recreate Van Gogh’s Starry Night

An example of DNA origami. It's one of the world's smallest reproductions - about the size of a dime - of Vincent van Gogh's famous painting Starry Night.