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James Webb Space Telescope gets its first instrument

The James Webb Space Telescope, aka Hubble 2.0, now has its first instrument. The instrument took 10 years and 200 scientists to build.

NASA extends Spitzer, Kepler and Planck missions

NASA extends three space-based astrophysics missions. All three probe deep mysteries of the cosmos and try to answer fundamental questions.

Help find Hubble images’ hidden treasures

You can win an iPod or iPad for the rare privilege of seeing something wonderful that no one has noticed before, in Hubble Space Telescope images.

Mars rover Curiosity and January’s powerful solar storm

When a solar storm bathed the Mars rover Curiosity - now en route to Mars - in radiation, the rover acted as a stunt double for astronauts.

Hubble data reveals new class of exoplanet

A transit of a planet in front of its star has revealed a water-covered world with a thick, steamy atmosphere was found in Hubble data.

Tiniest chameleons in found Madagascar

A research team has discovered four new tiny chameleons that are the tiniest chameleons - and some of the smallest reptiles - in existence.

SpaceX hopes to launch to ISS on March 20

SpaceX wants to launch the first commercially built spacecraft to the International Space Station on March 20, 2012, but might push back the launch to April.

GRAIL video shows moon’s far side

Twin spacecraft - named Ebb and Flow, part of NASA's GRAIL mission - are orbiting the moon. Ebb has captured a video of the moon's far side.

Opportunity rover marks eight-year anniversary on Mars

The Opportunity rover touched down on Mars at 5:05 a.m. UTC on January 25, 2004 for a planned three-month mission to explore the Red Planet.

NASA announces winners of student contest to name GRAIL spacecraft

Fourth graders from Bozeman, Montana are the winners of a NASA student contest to name the twin moon-orbiting GRAIL spacecraft.