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Laura Dattaro

Mars rover Curiosity successfully adjusted trajectory

The course adjustment began with a 19-minute thrust, followed by more than 200 five-second bursts repeated over the course of about two hours.

Astronomers announce biggest, most distant galaxy clusters

Astronomers announced both the biggest and the most distant galaxy clusters to date.

Space fans! Top 5 things to look forward to in 2012

EarthSky space blogger Laura Dattaro picks her top 5 most exciting things to look forward to in space science in 2012.

GRAIL spacecraft will use lunar gravity to peer inside moon

The GRAIL mission will study the moon's gravitational field via minute differences in the distance between the two craft as they orbit above the moon's surface.

Mars rover now 31.9 million miles from Earth, begins research

The Curiosity Mars rover has traveled 1.8 million miles (about 3 million km) per day. It's measuring space radiation possibly harmful to Mars-bound astronauts.

Tiny worms might help humans get to Mars

Scientists have been studying tiny worms might someday help humans get to Mars. They sent 4,000 worms up on the space shuttle Discovery.

James Webb Space Telescope: 5 cool things to know

The James Webb Space Telescope is the next-generation space telescope, following Hubble. It's scheduled to launch in 2018. Here are 5 cool things to know.

After successful launch, new 8-month mission to Mars underway

We're on our way to Mars. The spacecraft is in communication, thermally stable and power positive.

4 astronauts win Congressional Gold Medals

Four astronauts win Congressional Gold Medals and thereby go down in history: Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and John Glenn.

Mars rover Curiosity nearly ready for launch

In preparation for the November 25 launch of the Mars rover Curiosity, NASA is planning a slew of events. Get connected here.