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Keith Hayse-Gregson & James Diana

A breakthrough in making biofuel from seaweed

A unit of seaweed contains more potential ethanol than corn or switchgrass. A new technology helps to further the wide-scale use of seaweed for biofuels.

Should we help expand aquaculture in the United States?

The fastest growing food commodity is aquaculture. The growth rate is nearly 10% per year since 1985. But aquaculture in the U.S. has not grown as fast. Why?

Felipe Cabello on antimicrobial resistance and aquaculture

Can the use of antibiotics in aquaculture impact human health?

Offshore aquaculture project underway in Hawaii

An aquaculture company experiments with unanchored fish-farm cages set adrift on eddies near Hawaii.

The problematic relationship between aquaculture and antibiotics

Antibiotics are one of the oft-cited reasons to curtail aquaculture. But should we constrain the aquaculture - or the antibiotic use?

How serious is Asian carp threat to Great Lakes?

Some fear that if invasive Asian carp enter the Great Lakes, the multi-billion dollar recreational fishing and tourism industry there will be devastated.

How to eat seafood sustainably

One way to eat seafood sustainably is simply to eat less seafood. Another way is to eat seafood in its appropriate season.

Promising technology for fish farming from Canada

Compared to other meat production and traditional cage designs, this new system could reduce the ecological footprint of the raised fish.

Why do Americans dislike fish farming?

In America, fish farming -- or aquaculture -- usually elicits a neutral or negative response from people. Why?