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David Callejas

Perseid meteor flying over Texas

EarthSky Facebook friend Gary Snow captured a Perseid meteor early this morning - August 5, 2013.

Earth from Saturn in 2006

The Cassini spacecraft has been orbiting Saturn since 2004. It captured this image of Earth, seen through Saturn's rings, in 2006, from nearly a billion miles away.

An aurora, and the start of meteor season

The sun is in an active part of its 11-year cycle, so auroras have been frequent. Meanwhile, summer meteor season in the Northern Hemisphere is gearing up.

A liquid lake on Saturn’s moon

A false-color mosaic of Ligeia Mare - the second-largest known body of liquid on Saturn's largest moon, Titan. It's larger than Lake Superior on Earth.

Starburst ring

Although at first glance you may see a number of rings in this image, astronomers believe that Messier 94 has just one starburst ring.

Spectacular sunset over Mono Lake

This photo was taken by Facebook friend Chris Tinker shortly after the sun set over Mono Lake, California.

Video: Washing your hair in space

Astronaut Karen Nyberg - currently aboard the International Space Station - demonstrates how one washes long hair in space.

World’s largest urban bat colony

World's largest urban bat colony captured from under the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, TX thanks to our friend Pamela Phillips.

Secret sunrise

Sunrise over Currituck, North Carolina, taken at Greg Diesel's secret location deep in the marsh this morning.

Joshua tree highlighted by supermoon

Joshua Tree National Park in southeastern California on the night of the June supermoon, captured by Patricia Knight.