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David Callejas

Frog photobombs NASA moon launch

NASA has confirmed this is a real photo. This frog made its giant leap for frogkind during the launch of NASA's LADEE moon craft on September 6.

This bird was unknown to science

Scientists say the discovery of this Herpsilochmus stotzi, and 14 other new Amazonian bird species, highlight how little we really know about species diversity in the Amazon.

Spider web engineering and art

Big spider web outside a house in Hillview, Kentucky, United States. Look below for fun facts about spider webs.

Alaska’s Sawyer Glacier

A close-up look at Alaska's Sawyer Glacier as seen by EarthSky Facebook friend Risa Bender.

Milky Way in moonless sky

Serene shot of the Milky Way in the moonless sky from Itatiaia National Park in Brazil thanks to EarthSky Facebook friend Pedro Canovas Perez.

Lunar fogbow over Finland

This luminous fogbow was captured this weekend by EarthSky Facebook friend Thomas Kast.

City below, serenity above

The moon near Venus shining over the busy Sydney, Australia streets as seen through the lens of EarthSky Facebook friend Goran Hasanbeg on August 9, 2013.

Midnight meteor over Boston

EarthSky Facebook friend Ed Grzyb captured this Perseid meteor flying high over Boston shortly before midnight on August 7, 2013.

Milky Way over Ligurian Sea

The Milky Way over the Ligurian Sea as seen from Sestri Levante in the Italian Riviera.

Aurora at Marshall Point Lighthouse

Magnificent shot of an aurora show on a starry summer night taken by Mike Taylor from Marshall Point Lighthouse in Port Clyde, Maine.