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James Monroe
Thomaston CT, USA
07:22 pm

Equipment Details:

Canon 80D, EF-S 18-135 lens, tripod. ISO 800, f3.5, shutter 1.3 seconds, focal length 18mm.

Post-processing Details:

Brightened tree in right foreground and hills along bottom of the frame.

Image Details:

As Jupiter and the moon were appearing together, I set up my Canon 80D on a tripod. I could initially see the moon and Jupiter as white dots in my viewfinder as I had to stoop to determine where they were in the frame. I then took six or seven blind exposures with incremental variations on the shutter speed, and this is the best one. When setting up, I could not see the hills at the bottor nor the branches of the tree to the right. The tree branches were inadvertently --but luckily-- brightened by small lights strung along the railing of our back porch. I just had to brighten them a bit post-processing.