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David Irvine
N of Kayenta AZ at Agathla Peak
08:09 am

Equipment Details:

Nikon Z6 with 28 - 75 zoom (Speed 500 f22 ISO 100) - used for the background image/s. Nikon 610 with 70-200 lens (1/4,00 sec f22 ISO 100) with a 10 stop neutral density filter to capture a close up of the sun every ten minutes from beginning of eclipse to end. each camera on a tripod with a cable release.

Post-processing Details:

While the sun was rising behind Agathla Peak I took 8 images with the Z6 for a panorama large enough to contain the sun in a series of images as it went through the eclipse. I took close up images with the 610 of the sun about every 10 minutes apart throughout the eclipse. I merged the eight images for the background panorama, then chose 23 images of the sun phases of the eclipse. I reduced them in size and placed them as layers in photoshop, using the lighten blend mode, on the background image in an arc that the sun had taken. All images are originally in camera raw. I created jpegs to use for the composite due to my under powered Mac. To be fair, the sun is mostly white
(over exposed) because I did not have a solar filter. I used what I had.

Image Details:

I chose Agathla Peak because I love that place and I envisioned a series of the eclipsing sun coming out of the Peak and arcing across the sky. I have never taken this kind of composite series image and was inspired by others but especially Dr Russell Brown (adobe). I set up at a spot where the sun would come out over the top right side of the Peak. As it did the eclipse began. I took images for a panorama while the sun was behind Agathla. I thought this would make the perfect background because of the Peak being back lit, a clean blu sky and the sun skipping across the terrain around the edges of the Peak.