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Steve Price
Pony Express Trail, Five Mile, West Desert, Utah
08:40 pm

Equipment Details:

Sony a7s camera, MSM Rotator star tracker, 24mm Rokinon lens, tripod, intervalometer.

Post-processing Details:

Denoised, contrast, color enhancement.

Image Details:

This is about the end of the Milky Way season and the night skies are heading into the fall and winter star season. Orion is on his way. I took the shortest trip to the closest dark sky and had a 2 hour session. Lots of campers in the hills and plenty of ground and air traffic. You can see a dozen aircraft, a satellite and perhaps one meteor in this 2 and a half minute exposure. I made the most of the session despite the inconveniences. When Antares set below the horizon I packed up and called it a night. i had a 5Am alarm to send me on a day adventure down in southern Utah for fossil hunting. That trip was amazingly fruitful and enjoyable! Blue skies, solitude, Cretaceous period fossils galore!