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Diane Rains
Hudson WI USA
02:23 pm

Equipment Details:

Panasonic Lumix FZ300

Post-processing Details:

Tweaked exposure

Image Details:

"Should I do it?! Ohhh, no I won't."

There comes a time in every nestling's life when a decision must be made: stay in one's cozy little nest world – the only world they have ever known – or take to the skies. It's not an easy choice, the Big Unknown over free food, safety, and comfort. Most Tree Swallow nestlings fledge on or about day 18 after hatching. Sometimes the big leap occurs as late as 24 days, depending on the effects of weather on the babies' development. There's always a good deal of reluctance surrounding The Momentous Event.

Thomasina and Tor have raised a fine, healthy brood of 6 youngsters in a nestbox affixed to the side of our house above the deck. This photo was taken on Day 17. On that day, one or two wide-eyed Swallowlings began peering out at the Big Wide World.

Today is Day 21. It's hot! The parents are anxious for the transition, knowing their children are fully capable of instant acrobatic flight. But the reluctant bubbas have not yet budged.

Oh, they will! They will. For ultimately, they cannot resist their birthright: the most glorious of earthly freedoms - FLIGHT!

Fly, little ones, fly!!! ~ Swallow Flight Waltz