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Petr Horálek
Exmouth, Pebble Beach, Australia
11:29 am

Equipment Details:

Canon 6D, MTO 1100mm, f10, ISO 100, 1/500s (sequence) and exposure brecketing 1/500-4s (corona), tracked on Vixen GP-2 mount

Post-processing Details:

HDR works plus aligning images to sequence

Image Details:

During the unique hybrid eclipse of April 20, 2023, over Australia’s Pebble Beach, I also took a very fast sequence (3 images per second) to show the story of the eclipse as a sequence showing all the visible solar layers of its atmosphere. While the darkest moment, the totality (in the center) was perfect for capturing the glancing glow of the solar corona, the start and ending of the show were perfect for the solar photosphere’s beads show (the Baily’s Beads) as the almost-same-angularly-sized mountainous Moon observation. The whole time bright pink prominences above the chromosphere layer were visible as bright pearls around the Sun. Since we were located very close to the central line of the eclipse the image shows the phenomenon pretty symmetrical. The authors are Petr Horálek (Institute of Physics in Opava), Josef Kujal (of the Astronomy Society of Hradec Králové), Milan Hlaváč, Petr Komárek (Observatory Pardubice), and Tomáš Slovinský.