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JV Noriega
Batangas Philippines
11:30 pm

Equipment Details:

Sony A6500 + Nikkor 80-200 f2.8
Vixen Polarie Star Tracker

Image Details:

Comet C/2022 e3 (ZTF)
Single tracked image Feb.02,2023 2300h
Batangas Philippines

The previous night was too cloudy, although i had prepared and set up my gear. But one look at the cloudy sky immediately told me to pack my gear and try my luck the following night. By 10pm on Feb. 02, the sky was clear on a cold and windy night and the 85% waxing gibbous moon was shining bright. URSA MAJOR was looking down on me, and she seemed to whisper to my senses that the comet was just beside her.. so i initially took a wide field angle of the approximate location of the comet based on published charts.. after a few blind shots, i noticed a greenish soft focused dot beside some pin-point focused stars.. i zoomed-in the captured image, and there she was!.. Comet C/2022 e3.. faint, without a visible tail due to the moon's bright presence, but there she was!... So i shifted to a telephoto lens to capture some closer images now that i have spotted her, and these are my captures. A Fast moving cloud even painted its way through one of the shots, adding depth and interest to the image. I am hoping to capture more images of C/2022 e3 dancing beside Mars on a moonless night soon! Clear skies everyone!