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Ron Haggett
Yuma, AZ
09:15 pm

Equipment Details:

William Optics Z61, f/5.9 telescope
ZWO AIS 183C Pro camera cooled to -10ºC
ZWO dual-band filter
N.I.N.A. for image acquisition

Post-processing Details:

20 - 120 second subs
Calibration frames
Affinity Photo 2 for stacking and post-processing

Image Details:

NGC 281, also known as the Pac-Man cluster because of its similarity to the video game character, lies about 9500 light-years away in the constellation Cassiopeia. Also associated with open cluster IC 1590 (center), several Bok globules, and the multiple star, B 1, it collectively forms Sh2-184, spanning an area of about 40 arcminutes.