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Diane Rains
Hudson, WI, USA
08:40 am

Equipment Details:

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200

Post-processing Details:

I tweaked exposure a bit.

Image Details:

Portia In Autumn

I can think of no finer Autumn sight than my beloved Crow family framed by leafy splendor. Portia is the young Matriarch of one branch of the family – the Peteypors. Her husband, Petey, is my ex-boyfriend. (Long story involving much gift-giving with goofy-faced dog toys, family conflict, learning of English by a Crow, learning of Crow language by a human, and ultimate rejection of marriage proposal on the grounds of "Humans can't lay eggs! Also, I'm already married – to another human.")

Here Portia stands watch while Petey and two of their children forage for peanuts below. (Just FYI, peanuts are a sure way to coax forgiveness from a wronged Corvid wife!)

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