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Eyad Khailany
Erbil, KRI, Iraq
01:10 am

Equipment Details:

Explore Scientific CF102 Triplet Apo Refractor F5.6
Stellarvue x0.8 Reducer/Flattener
AVX EQ Mount
Canon D 40 (Astro/Modified)
ZWO ASI224 MC (guiding Camera)
Stellarvue 60mm Guiding Scope
Astronomik EOS Clip on Ha (6 nm)
Astronomik EOS Clip on OIII (6 nm)
Astronomik EOS Clip on Nebula / City Light Suppression Filter
Software: EOS Backyard / Stellarium / Astro Tortilla (plate solving) / PHD2.

Post-processing Details:

31.7 hours of integration!
68 x 500' Ha
60 x 500' OIII
126 x400" Lum
ISO 1250 (calibrated with Dark, Bias and Flat frames)
Stacked (Batch Stacking) in DSS
Post Processing/cropping: PixInsight / GIMP2 / Raw Therapee

Image Details:

VdB 152 A Ghost in Cepheus
VDB 152 also known as LBN 531, LDN 1217 also known as Barnard 175, LBN 538 Planetary Nebula, LDN 1219 and Supernova remnant SNR G110.3, shown in red emission lines bellow LDN 538 and crossing the image from upper left to bottom right.
vdB 152 is a reflection nebula visible in the constellation of Cepheus.
Its position is located about 4 ° east of Alfirk (β Cephei), in a region rich in dark nebulae and star fields, located on the southern edge of the Cepheus Flare ; inside it is a blue-white star of main sequence , BD + 69 1231, of magnitude 9.29, whose radiation gives the surrounding gases a distinctly bluish color. The star is located on the southernmost end of a cometary-looking dark nebula , with a long coma that disperses to the north. In the northern part of the cloud lies LDN 1217, a very dense cloud in which the presence of several sources of infrared radiation suggest the presence of star formation phenomena . The distance of the structure is estimated at 400 parsecs (about 1,300 light years).

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